The Diary of a Frustrated Pinner

Like many people, I recently heard a lot of buzz about Pinterest. I heard about all the beauty and creativity being shared, and of course about the powerful ability for Pinterest to help fledging websites attract traffic. As an artist and stay at home mom I thought it could be a great way to share my art and interact in a creative community.

Once I was registered I jumped on and began pinning. I poured through images looking for original, intriguing content to share and waited for the interaction to begin. But to my dismay nothing happened. No comments, no likes, no repins. I quickly began to feel like there was a community around me…but I had been relegated to a dark empty corner.

All my pins seemed to disappear into oblivion, they were not appearing in any of the category feeds and only my tiny handful of followers (friends from facebook) could see them. Just as I was about to give up on Pinterest one of my pins made it to the category feed…and poof….ACTION. Yay..a bit of fun.

Unfortunately the joy was short lived as all my subsequent pins fell once again into the void. It was so disappointing to see all the beautiful original content being lost in oblivion while images of software packs and oreo cookies made it front and center.

I began to suspect that I had done something wrong. Was I being punished for something? I had pinned from my own website, but that seems to be extremely common, and for everyone of my own pins there were at least 20 pins from others. I wrote to Pinterest to see if they could explain what I was experiencing, but no reply.

Finally after searching through the scant bit of info on the net, I came to understand that I was not alone. Many of the new people joining Pinterest have been experiencing the same problems. Apparently it has to do with a new algorithm that aims to reduce spam.

However, the process of trying to eliminate spam seems to do nothing to prevent spam…still see heaps of that, but it has successfully obscured a lot of new members. The fact that Pinterest does not reply to inquiries and offers no clear public explanation, just adds to the whole sense of frustration.

If you are one of the frustrated ones please know that you are not alone. Feel free to share your experiences below. I’ll be adding any new developments here. I’m hoping that these issues just represent growing pains, and that Pinterest will move swiftly to address the current problems. I’m also hoping I will be able to delete this blog soon.

I’ve posted some links to other blogs that also share more details and info: